Groovy related random links

Here's some links in no particular order and for no particular reason...

Groovy + Ant = GANT - Guillec treats us to a Venkat inspired tour of Gant.

Practically Groovy: Of MOPs and mini-languages - an Andrew Glover classic on MOP and a good read. I dusted it off in recently to refresh my memory.

Getting Groovy with with - Jeff Brown drops some Groovy moves on us. Always one for the slick trick that Jeff Brown.

How to write a Spelling Corrector - Rael Cunha shows us a reimplementation of the Norvig spelling corrector. Rael's post is really on Java but still shows some Groovy. Is there a Groovier version?

Some JavaFX, Java, Groovy Examples - Andres Almiray blows minds with his meta-hot JavaFX/Groovy cross over code. Along with his follow up it's a fantastic example of JVM polyglot programming.

... and now for something completely different.


Top Ten Groovy Programmer Exclimations...

10. It doesn't hurt my mind anymore!
9. That's what a Mock Object should be!
8. Why didn't I try this sooner?
7. I get it now!
6. I could use this everywhere!
5. Now *that* is Groovy!
4. Fascinating.
3. Ah ha!
2. *maniacal laughter*
1. Woah.

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