I'm very pleased to be speaking at GR8Conf this year. I'll be covering two topics. I hope the Groovy communities find them interesting.

The first up, how to use Domain Specific Languages in order to reduce accidental complexity. I have a very long post that I'm holding on to based on this topic (inspired by my trip to Manhattan and Google NYC earlier this year). In this talk I'll really take time to explore this idea practically. I will create a Domain Specific Language before your eyes as I do live coding with Test Driven Development. It's performance art with Unit Tests!

The second topic is on Grails and the JPA. I'm currently working on a lab for this topic. We'll explore some of the nastier Object Relational Mapping problems I've encountered working with Grails and with JPA in isolation and together. If time permits I'll work in some performance troubleshooting in this lab too. In this format we'll have the chance to work together and really get a deep understanding of what's going on with Grails persistence and how you can use GORM and/or the JPA in places you may have thought were impossible. I really enjoy the lab format and I hope to see a good turnout.

For me, getting the opportunity to speak at the GR8Conf is a major milestone and I'm very pleased that Open Software Integrators is allowing me to participate. The fine folks at Open Software Integrators have an experienced consulting staff that can help you with all things JVM related. I've had a great time working with the other consultants here over the last few months learning a great deal about performance tuning and scalability.

So please check me out at GR8Conf and I look forward to seeing you there!