No job shortage here?

We've been interviewing candidates for an open Software Engineering position for the last year. It averages about one interview a month and so far we can't find qualified candidates. Some of the more frustrating candidates interview well but when you get to technical questions you can't get the feeling that they themselves are comfortable with the technical subject matter. At least once someone passed technical, got hired, and had to be "let go" because it soon became apparent that they had "studied" for the interview but had no practical experience... And had lied on their resume.

I'm really puzzled by the fresh faced BSCS who has never taken data structures. I asked him which university he attended and I have to say that if this is the quality of education at that name-brand university I'll take my employer's business elsewhere. I would expect that BSCS students would either learn theory or learn practical skills to an appreciable degree.

Where are all the qualified candidates that were complaining about jobs going to India? Could you tell me where they are? I can't find them.