The Technology Lifestyle

Being an Information Technology worker of any kind is just as much about lifestyle as it is about technology. Any other discipline gets to go home at night and just relax. If doctors and lawyers go golfing but what do they carry with them on the golf course? Blackberries.

If you are an IT worker on the golf course with a Blackberry you haven't escaped your technology at all have you? There it is, in your car, on your hip, on the TV and in your PC. The modern world is so dependent on IT technology we don't even notice it anymore.

But, the IT worker does see the technology embedded in every part of our lives. It is always there. Even camping doesn't afford a break from it. So is it no surprise that the most successful IT people are a little obsessive?

That obsessive tendency is a necessary component of the successful IT person because technology is always changing and it is everywhere. It it almost never works right.