Alpha Geeks: say w00t!

2 Types of programmers
... what many would call "alpha" programmers — the leaders, trailblazers, trendsetters, the kind of folks that places like Google and Fog Creek software are obsessed with hiring. These folks were the first ones to install Linux at home in the 90's; the people who write lisp compilers and learn Haskell on weekends "just for fun"; they actively participate in open source projects; they're always aware of the latest, coolest new trends in programming and tools.

Yet, we work for and produce software for use by casual programmers and non-programmers. And as Sussman's post points out we had best not forget it. That means you. If you are reading my blog chances are an alpha geek (or just horribly lost).

What's the point of all the pretty shiny objects if we can't get people to use the pretty shiny objects?