Comparing Stats on this blog Feb & July 2008

I've been keeping stats on this blog since Febuary 1st of 2008. Here's some numbers. Don't know if they are good, bad, or whatever.

February hits: 1,503
July hits: 2,681

So I've not yet doubled my traffic in the last six months. What do those numbers over the last six months look like in total?

13,961 Visits
10,954 Absolute Unique Visitors
17,323 Pageviews
1.24 Average Pageviews
00:01:00 Time on Site
85.76% Bounce Rate
78.40% New Visits

... so most folks just bop through here and on their merry way. only about 15% are getting anything from their visit. I wonder what the average visitor's browser looks like? Top five browsers are a small surprise...

1. Firefox / Windows 49.86%
2. Internet Explorer / Windows 20.06%
3. Firefox / Linux 13.37%
4. Firefox / Macintosh 6.88%
5. Safari / Macintosh 4.61%

Firefox trumps explorer. But then consider the audience... programmers... yeah, I guess that makes sense. Interestingly 70% are Windows users, 13% are on Linux, and about 10% are on Macintosh. That's a bit surprising to see Linux rank higher than Mac.

I won't try and break down the search engine stats here but what I gather is that most visitors to this page are getting here through google or yahoo. Surprisingly, the most used key words are "grails portlet" I'm very happy to see GRAILS-254 coming along. Check out Lee Butts' documentation of his work.

Ironically, I never did follow through on a Grails Portlet because we dropped the use of Portlets in our organization. It would not have paid off for us to do portlet development until we had a much larger constellation of projects. I may have to revisit portlet work in Grails in the coming months judging from this demand.

I'm not a bit shocked that my more technical Grails articles enjoy the most readership so I plan on ending my indulgence of more abstract topics and getting down some serious Grails related business. I've just shipped a major Grails project that represents six months of work so I should be able to dig deep into that experience for a few posts.

What I'd love to hear either formally or on the side is how these numbers stack up to other blogs. Are these good numbers? Are they bad? I'm hanging them out there for everyone to see (or laugh at) because I have no delusions about being a well read blog and no reason to hide them. So I've offered first. You go next.

Why do you read this blog? Apparently about 3,000 of you come back here from time to time. How can I focus my topics to help you better? What would you like to ask me about my last year working in Grails full time? Any pointers from "professional" bloggers will be welcome.