Grails in a J2EE world Part "zero" in GroovyMag

I've been very busy this year. I've been working with J2EE a lot lately. Normally you wouldn't necessarily be proud of working in J2EE but I'm also learning about a unique and thriving industry in my region. Namely the biotech and pharmaceutical industry which was very successfully colonized by J2EE earlier in this decade.

The result is that I've been working with ways to integrate Grails applications with J2EE applications. The techniques I've come up with aren't limited to just the integration of Grails and J2EE but I felt the title Grails in a J2EE world would probably help address the concerns that I've heard from developers working at large institutions such as banks, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies like myself.

These companies who live in worlds dominated by J2EE can't just walk away from their investment. For people who live in worlds like that but want to add powerful new features found in Grails I've decided to write up a series of articles for publication in GroovyMag.

The techniques I'll discuss are applicable to far more than just J2EE and Grails integration, check it out.