Grails in a J2EE world - The Web @GroovyMag

The new GroovyMag is available. This month I've made a contribution titled "Grails in a J2EE world - The Web" as I've been exploring ways that Grails and J2EE applications can interact I've found that the topic area is so rich that I can't possibly cover the whole thing in just one article. Instead I'll be making contributions in installments on the topic.

This particurlar article is inspired by the Kevin Kelly TED talk: Predicting the next 5,000 days of the web and how that has caused me to reevaluate my attitude toward software design and construction.

The article also covers some of the techniques I've found involving Java platform web technologies. I had a much longer narrative in mind but, honestly, I've come to enjoy some of writing of the authors who are much more succinct. I'm trying to emulate that style in my work. So for me writing involves one long session of pouring out followed by a session of cutting down. So in the end half of what I write gets deleted.

In addition, I had worked out a few more techniques that I could not fit in for time concerns. Every example code listing and technique comes from real working code. Often I have to address the issues of clarity and code ownership so I don't always get to share everything that I know.

I would like to thank my editors who helped with this month's article. Thanks to both Darryl Bloch and Craig Wickesser your feedback was very helpful and I really appreciate it. You both helped me tighten up my writing style quite a bit.

Please head over to GroovyMag and pick up a copy! As always your feed back is appreciated and will only go toward making me a better author and developer. Thanks!