Google+ ate my blog.

I am simply not blogging anymore. The content I would put here is ending up in Google+. I'm not sure why that is. Using Google+ seems more targeted and lighter weight than using a blog.

A blog feels heavier, more official and more permanent. Google+ feels less permanent and lighter. That's just the impression I have. I know logically that both medium are potentially longer lasting than concrete and more public than a billboard plaster over the moon.

The experience of blogging involves "going to" the blog where as a Google+ experience is both reading and writing at the same time. The user experience is fluid. The content can be the same size, shape, and form for the most part but the feeling of disengaging and "going off to write" is much more psychologically present with a blog. It feels like "something I have to do" as opposed to something that just happens while I'm doing another thing.

It would be nice if there was a way for my Google+ posts to flow into my blog with the addition of a tag. Maybe someone could write that and become famous for it.

Okay, enough of that... we have work to do. Now get to it!