Let's start over again...

After many adventures and troubles I find myself here again. Let's try this one more time. From the top.

I'm Shawn Hartsock and I happen to write software for a living. I don't specialize. I'm a generalist. I've worked on the Linux Kernel and written Kernel modules (but I wasn't allowed to contribute these to the OSS community at large this is something I hope to fix one day), I've architected web sites that scaled to millions of users and conducted billions of dollars of revenue annually. I've invented new API and lectured at multiple Universities. I've worked with Knowledge Bases and Databases, rules engines and expert systems. I've done 3D rendering software on super computers and embedded applications for phones. I've even worked with weapons systems and simulators for them.

Lately I've been focused on this thing we call "The Cloud" and my mercenary adventures have very recently made me the care taker of the pyVmomi library. That means for the first time since 2011 I'll be working on publicly facing Open Source code again.

Each week I'll post on what we've been working on with pyVmomi, how that's gone, and what that might mean. Each step of the way, I'll talk to you here candidly. There may be entries from official blogs, or comments on official channels, but this is where you'll talk to me... the architect, developer, and author... unfiltered.

So, let's start again.