pyVmomi version 5.5.0-2014.1 is available.

Earlier today with help from other VMware employees and #python IRC users, I pushed the buttons necessary to release pyVmomi version 5.5.0-2014.1 to the general public. This is the first open source community built and released version of the vSphere Management API library since VMware open sourced the project in December.

This release featured contributions from 13 contributors, 10 of which were completely unaffiliated with VMware. With the exception of myself the most active contributors are not at all affiliated with VMware.

Special Thanks to...

Thanks as well to William Lam for championing our project as well.

This release marks an important step for pyVmomi, most notably the ability to use pyVmomi with vcrpy means we can do much more in-depth and thorough bug reporting for 3rd party developers. It also means that the focus of development can move from infrastructure to feature parity.

More on that next time...