Promotion, pyVmomi & future updates

I was recently promoted at VMware and I have new duties. The new day job (as I lovingly call it) is taking a great deal of time that I would normally devote to side projects like pyVmomi. I am hoping we will be able to find others inside VMware that I can delegate duties to.

In the mean time, I'm unable to predict project velocity because I'm unable to predict how much focus I can direct at the project. My next major action on the project will be to attempt to release an alpha release of pyVmomi with some spot-fixes embedded.

When I have a few hours to steal away for this I'll post here and talk about how to get this version and a disclaimer that the release is alpha quality and may put your own systems at risk should you use it. However, I also want to put something into user and administrator hands sooner rather than later.

Thanks to the community for continuing on as I'm working heads down.