The rising star: SUSE

Deals like this one with AMD just highlight the business savvy that Novell has brought to the Linux playing field. This isn't nearly as big a deal as the Novell and Microsoft deal that made such a fuss in the community. But, it does play in nicely with my previous post about the SUSE distribution's future dominance.

Installing, administrating, and generally just living with SUSE is much easier than any other distribution. SUSE reproduces their custom GUI interface for system administration faithfully in an nCurses environment. That means that if you have neophyte system administrators you brought over from a Windows shop you can teach them the GUI administration techniques and everything stays the same even when the system is running headless. The same YAST administration tools are present on SLES, SLED, and OpenSUSE.

If redhat would learn one thing from SUSE it should be consistency of administration. Consistent easy administration for neophyte system administrators. Consistent easy administration through all their distributions. SUSE does this well, redhat does not.

I live thirty minutes from redhat's headquarters but I use SUSE.