Code Addicts in Java Land

Some one just sent me this Billy Hollis video. Billy asks us if we are "Code Heads" and although his solution is Microsoft based, it's and entertaining talk just the same. It is why we have 1.2 billion frameworks (a slight exaggeration) in the Java code space. Developers need frameworks and developers like writing them. The problem is developers don't seem to like using the other guy's framework.

Microsoft has the benefit of being "the one" and can dictate the community's direction. Few vendors have that luxury. That's one reason why Microsoft shops have an easier time making up their minds... they have no real choice.

Java shops have a myriad of choices and can decide to go any number of routes. You could go application server specific, Java standards specific, or with an open source framework. You could choose to write in a dynamic language on the JVM or in plain old Java.

The trick is to recognize when you can leverage the framework and to actually do it. Don't write the code for the sake of writing code. Use the tools in your frameworks for what they are good at.