One Laptop Per Child

http://www.xogiving.org/ is running a special promotion, give one, get one starting November 12th of 2007. If you purchase an XO laptop for one child, you may also purchase one for yourself. The project will allow developers to get their hands on what could become one of the most common computers on the planet.

I think David Pogue's video blog on the OLPC drives home this simple idea that is really about advancing education. Textbooks are expensive. The OLPC can act as a textbook reader even in harsh day light. The OLPC can charge off of solar panels.

Most shockingly, it exposes it's own operating system code to the end user in a unique way I've never seen. Control commands expose the Python code behind every screen. That's amazing... could this mean that there is a potential horde of newly minted Python coders on the horizon? What does that mean?