BPM is mostly wrong

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The Seven Fallacies of BPM

Mentioned in "The World is Flat" book Business Process Modeling systems were supposed to deliver businesses with a glorious future in which Business Analysts could model processes without the need for a programmer's intervention.

The problem is that the modeling process itself is core to application development and utterly central and important to a properly functioning application. You would no more have a Doctor design your house than you would a Business Analyst design a Database or Application. The Doctor is concerned with much different sets of concerns than an Architect is. The Doctor is concerned about wheel chair access and ventilation while the Architect is concerned with whether the building will stand up to a storm or earthquake.

While both a Doctor and Architect could collaborate to create a house you would not have a Doctor build a house unassisted. If you did you would be inviting disaster. And, you would be offended if I suggested that you take dietary advice from an Architect. That would be absurd.

It is true that many small projects are released without the help of a specialist. I'm certain many buildings are built without an Architect... and many diseases are overcome without a Doctor. But, you should ask yourself what your project is? Are you trying to produce a professional product or are you just "hacking around" looking to make something that works? Do you want to create "professional" systems or just "hobby" systems. Are you producing a reliable car or are you creating a dune buggy in your back yard?

If you can honestly answer that the project you are producing is a "buggy" then by all means forgo the professional assistance ... but don't kid yourself... that's not a Toyota you've got.